Erica has no toasters anymore as she claims her success intimidates men

Erica, a former BBNaija housemate, sparked outrage on social media after claiming that she no longer receives admirers because men are intimidated by her success.

In a video circulating on social media, the BBNaija star stated that she has discovered that some men are afraid to approach her, and she believes this is due to her celebrity status and enormous success in the entertainment industry.

Erica also pleaded with her admirers not to be afraid to approach her and to return because she misses them. Erica revealed this during a media appearance.

Watch the video in which she stated this herself below.

Erica was one of the most talked-about BBNaija housemates. She was well-known for her romantic relationship with Kiddwaya, the billionaire’s son. During their time in the house, many fans predicted that they would marry after the show, but they announced their breakup a few months later.

Since then, no admirers have ever approached her as she claims, now that she has urge them not be afraid or intimidated, let’s hope her admirers will start crawling out of their hidden spot now.


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