How Nengi helped Mercy win bbnaija season 4 and how her deed was repayed (Full Story)

If you go around the internet – social media, blogs, Nigerian forums, and YouTube – you’ll notice that there have been a number of headlines concerning former Big Brother Naija season 5 housemate Nengi and BBnaija season 4 winner, Mercy Eke for quite some time now.

The two have unfollowed each other on Instagram, indicating that there is certainly a rift between the two reality stars. But why is that? What went wrong? What brought them here?

So, if you’re asking yourself these questions, and, like me, you’re curious about what transpired to bring these two to this point, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Mercy Eke and Nengi Hampson were quite close before Nengi Hampson entered the Big Brother Lockdown house. Nengi, in reality, was pulling for Mercy through her season, which Mercy finally won.

When it was Nengi’s turn to enter the Big Brother House, however, his vocal support and rallying for Mercy Eke was not reciprocated AT ALL.

Mercy Eke famously took to social media to scream at fans who kept on asking her who her favorite housemate was because according to her, “she was too busy to watch”.

Of course, they all assumed that, given Mercy and Nengi’s past, Mercy would go with Nengi… However, there was a plot twist –

Mercy rallied around Erica, a BBNaija housemate.

Mercy Eke gathered behind her and supported her so much that when Erica was eliminated from the competition, she broke down in tears on Instagram.


After the season was over and Nengi came out of the house, Mercy Eke threw a big birthday party that saw A LOT of Big Brother Naija contestants including Erica, Prince, Kiddwaya, Dorathy, Alex, and more show up.


Nengi is noticeably absent. This caused others to raise their eyebrows once more, indicating a breach between the two females.

The word that the two women had unfollowed each other quickly spread over the internet.


I’m sure you’ve loved reading this piece and actually known how Nengi was rooting for Mercy and how Mercy repayed her back.

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