An Instagram blogger with the page handle truth_icon1 took to her page to slam Ozo about his terminated gig with Budweiser. According to her, he was never an ambassador as he claimed but just a Budweiser show host. Disputing her claims, research showed that Ozo was made a brand ambassador for the brand and also allowed the co-host the Sunday sport show.

The question here is this ” did Budweiser terminate Ozo’s gig”? From tweets made by Ozo and reactions gotten from the post made by truth_icon1, his gig wasn’t terminated but ended due to the fact the football season ended on Saturday with Chelsea winning the trophy.

Ozo had tweeted about the end of the show and him looking forward to seeing his fans in the next season, this got some of his fans very excited and they began tagging him Ozo the best co-host. Furthermore, this tag brought him some backlash as many tweeter users were against the tag. They lamented on how poorly he performed on the show, he appeared animated, stiff and tensed.

The burning questions here are” do you think Ozo did good enough to be back on the show the next season?” or “will he be dropped by Budweiser in the next season?” Share your thoughts with us.

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