Ka3na when asked to speak started with how she felt about Nengi flirting with Kiddwaya in the house. According to her Nengi can not see Erica and Kiddwaya doing so much in there relationship and throw herself at Kiddwaya.

She went on to say she watched the party at home because she was already evicted and she saw how Kiddwaya was dancing and pressing Nengi’s neck at the party. To her, she thinks Nengi was the one leading Kiddwaya on and he played along because he was a flirt and a man.

Going down the memory lane, Erica and Nengi fell out in the house for reasons best known to the both of them, and Erica just wasn’t comfortable seeing Kiddwaya around Nengi.

On the other hand, Kiddwaya was flirtatious and he flirted with Nengi a lot in the absence of Erica, mind you other housemates saw it and probably told Erica about it.

With all these flirting information about Kidd and Nnengi, and coupled with the fact they both had been seen dancing together passionately in the party on different occasion by Erica, is it safe to say Nengi was the trigger for Erica’s outburst that lead to her disqualification?

I believe this was the angle Ka3na was coming when she said Nengi was the cause of the problem Kidd and Erica had in their relationship. The very same night Erica had an outburst, prior to that moment she had seen Kiddwaya and Nengi in a compromising position at the party which lead to a short conversation she had with Nengi at that moment.

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According to Nengi, he was trying to whisper something to her because the music was too loud and she said to Erica that if she wanted Kiddwaya she would have gone for him. Do you think Ka3na was right with her statement?

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