A known beautiful and curvy Ghanian actress made a shocking revelation to her fans letting them know that she has given her life to Jesus and now a born again Christian.

In addition to that she made a video that went viral, in the video she was seen apologizing for misleading so many young ladies. As part of the born again process, she deleted her old post and pictures on Instagram leaving behind posts that represents her new ways.

Her words:

This is what an instagram blog handle @cutie_julls has to say about this

Those of you saying Victoria Michaels says Moesha is with her and the pastor, how is that different from what we wrote earlier on? 

If Moesha is perfectly alright then why did Victoria and her cousin/pastor take her to the church and still keeping her there? Please Moesha’s younger brother whom you’ve psyche to be with you is not the only family member. She has older family members. Take her to the hospital while the rest of you remains in the church and pray. That is the right thing to do.

To her properties that you Victoria is justifying. You Vicky when you repented, did it come with giving out your all? Who are those you are referring to as “the poor” that Moe gave her properties out to? Members of the church? Why would you Vicky and co watch Moe give out all her belongings out and sell some to use the money to support “The church” in her present mental state? Are you a friend or a foe? Come on people let God be God and man be man na. Let’s call a spade a spade. Moesha currently doesn’t even own a bed. She sleeps on a student’s mattress all in the name of “she acquired her all via sleeping around”. And so freaking what? Where in the Bible did God give a formula for repentance? Pastors, stop brainwashing people. Vicky if Moesha is indeed your friend, you wouldn’t watch her do this to herself in her present state. God bless genuine people in her life like Nana Akua

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