Chacha Eke Faani, a Nollywood star turned 34 years old today as he took to her Instagram to share some beautiful pictures with her fans.

It is nice to know that she is happy again in her marriage and celebrating life. Late last year, she was in the news for the wrong reasons, it was rumored that she was been beaten and maltreated by her husband which she made videos to confirm.

However days after the videos she made went viral on the internet, we saw some post saying that she was bipolar, didn’t know what she was talking about. We also saw that she was hospitalized and later she made a new video to debunk the old story.

Early this year, she give birth to a new child and here she is celebrating her birthday. It has indeed being a series of event for her and family.

Here is her post: CHAPTER 34 🎂 Redeemed. Revived. Restored. Renewed.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 👑

Life is never a linear line but a lot of turns and twists. It’s not working today doesn’t mean it will or might never work. The best remedy to life is keep being positive, stay consistent and determined but never in a detrimental or a threat to life situation.

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