The weekend funeral of Obi Cubana’s mother is indeed getting a lot traction and reactions. A well known Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo Rodriguez decided to react to what SHE read online as regards to the Obi Cubana mother’s funeral.

Basically, people were implying that the kind of money showcased during the funeral can only be gotten through and un-clean means (rituals).

There is a believe out there that a lot of the Igbo wealthy men are in a way involved with rituals or are occultic practise. Personally, i would say this myth stems from the Igbo Nollywood home videos that depicts an Igbo man’s wealth in the above mentioned manner.

In other to debunk this so called myth, actress Uche Jombo took to her twitter account to tell her followers a little bit about her family’s business in Abia state.

According to her, not every Igbo millionaire or billionaire’s money has K leg, some are generational as her family sells stock fish imported from Norway. Let’s have a look at her tweet.

Selling stock fish Imported from Norway made my family in Aba Abia state. Not every Igbo millionaire or billionaire MONEY has K leg …. Some people are generational hard working men, regular hard working men, I’m not understanding what I’m reading on this TL based on…

Some of her followers on twitter were not having it as they replied her tweet with some interesting messages. Let’s have a look!

@DIVINEBOYE I hope you also believe that, the successful importation of those stock fish from Norway, can also be made possible by performing ritual? See eeh, there are ways people go about these things. So, leave matter. We know.v

@TheUgly58814071True we have alot with legit money. Also we can give as many excuses as possible for these o, nobody makes hard earned legit money and sprays it like that (that quantity). The urge or need to show off is usually from illegal source. Shey some said Hush puppie was legit that time

@MikesJimmy No hardworking man would lavish money like that, shey Dangote no be hardworking man ni? He won’t lavish money like those guys.

@Bammicky001It’s simple mama, if e easy make them replicate am. Am yoruba. Only poor people judge rich people Igbo haters Better go and read “Secrets of the millionaire mind” to be free from hating the rich. Guess what you can’t become what you despise. I bless what I want.

@Ushasaai14The truth is an average igbo person has issues deep down rooted around him/,her regarding wealth creation

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  1. Well, no one with a poor mind set will believe God can bless a man in abundance, but for me I believe Obi money is a clean and genuine money from his hard work because the bible says ” all good things cometh from the lord” if his money is a ritual money they should go and make it in a ritual way period. People no longer believe God can bless a man these days heavily.

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