Nengi got the internet buzzing with the announcement of the purchase of her new Range Rover Velar, people started reacting right, left and center asking questions like; who bought the car for her, who gave her the money and how did she afford such a car?

Social media makes it seem like Nengi is always very busy with brands and fully booked, and we always see her woking with brands and announcing her brand deals too, however a lot of people believe that brand deals are not enough for her to purchase such an expensive car.

A popular blogger Gistlover made a post on her Instagram page insinuating that a married man bought the car for Nengi and is sponsoring her expensive lifestyle.

According to Gistlover, a man known as Michael Diongoli is the one sponsoring Nengi and all her expensive lifestyle.

This man is said to be married and he is also dating a Nollywood actress Mimiorjiekweng along side with Nengi.

He is said to be into investment , microfinance , and just opened a real estate and bureau de change and the entertainment company and his Net worth is over 8 billion naira. Let’s have a look at Gistlover’s post.

Hello tueh tueh meet ,Micheal Diongoli,He is the one they termed GRACE AND HARDWORK🙄 ,that is taking care of nengi and Mimi,he bought her the house and the Range,He has been her sugar daddy since before big brother.

The new movie that she’s featuring as a star act in , he’s the one sponsoring/producing the movie, He’s into investment , microfinance , and just opened a real estate and bureau de change and the entertainment company, he’s alleged to be laundering money for politician too because his net worth is above 8bn, On all investment not profit o,He likes anything light skinned.

Even Mimi that just celebrated her birthday, He’s dating her , but uses her for interior decor, He employed Yomi black to manage the entertainment arm, Nengi goes to his office once in a while,the office is located at Lekki phase 1 and the wife knows about some of this patrol but chooses to keep quiet because she no want make them pursue am Comot for house finally,he splashed millions on these girls,just when we posted the teaser about who Dey finance Nengi and Mimi,before gist even come out baba don run go private,him wife don run follow our page to see the kind disgrace wey go meet her rivals

,All the IG tappers,tapping into grace and hardwork,looking up to these girls and running a meaningless race,you are doing well o,your eye go peel of you hear wetin your favorites dey do o,some of them Na yansh those rich men dey knack them,yansh or nothing o🤣🤣one famous girl her yansh them don stitch am not once not twice,Instagram ladies shouting momma up and down on these ladies page,

Do your own thing and be contented o,like I always say,YOU SEF BE BOSS O🙌Na Una favorites dey shares the same prick so o,Mommas dey share one prick o,Blind followers go still defend them,giveaway fans,poverty no be good thing o,but me sef Dey wait for Una papa,I come in peace,igi ewedu oni wo pawa o

This one is really loud i must say, if you don’t know Gistlover, she is a blogger that investigates people’s private life and relationships. Just let me know what you think about all these in the comment section.

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