Everyday with new drama and the game is getting confusing and unpredictable as the female housemates are moving from one guy to another.

Earlier today, Maria revealed to the housemates that her spec is Whitemoney and we have seen these two bond together, however she decided to k!$$ Boma during their wager task drama rehearsal.

Boma and the rest of the housemates were in the lounge rehearsing for their play when they all agreed to test how good Boma is at acting. Apparently he was to sit still and not move regardless what is being done to him.

So Maria came to him and gave him a mouth to mouth k!$$. She wasn’t required to do that but she did, and people are saying that she fancies Boma and she used that opportunity to get a K!$$ from him.


Still on the housemates testing Boma’s acting skills, Angel decided to take to a step further by car£s$ing him while he was seated still.

That action was very int!m@te, remember Boma and Angel were kind of an item on the very first day the ladies came into the house. Later we saw that Boma lost interest in her for reasons best known to him, then Angel moved on to Sammy.

The ladies are playing some confusing game which i am yet to unravel.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE FULL STORY!!!

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