It is now very obvious that Pere is into Maria and he likes her a whole lot. We have seen a fallout between Pere and Whitemoney which fans believe that it is so because of Maria.

Pere seems to be a calm and a very calculative guy that wears his emotions on his sleeves, however Whitemoney is kind of the opposite.

Whitemoney is very loud, all over the place and jovial as well. These two guys have got different personalities but they are both interested in Maria.

Although Maria did call Whitemoney her spec and baby which might be a joke, she is a bit warming up to Pere as well.

Last night in the garden, Maria was sharing her family story with Saga telling him about how close she is to her brothers and step brothers.

Sitting beside Maria was Pere and Jackie B, and immediately Maria mentioned that she was closer to her step brothers than her brother, Pere turned, gave her a hug and a K!$$. WATCH THE VIDEO FOR THE FULL GIST!!!

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