The Saturday night party was lit and the housemates had fun but Maria. At some point in the party she appeared dull and moody although she tried not to make it obvious.

After the party in a conversation she had with Pere, Saga, Nini and Arin, she revealed that Yerin had seen her stacked n@ked. According to her, she had wanted to have a shower when she met Yerins in bathroom, kind enough he left the bathroom for her to shower before him.

When she had finished with having her shower, she saw through the shower mirror that Yerins was starring at her and she was n@ked. The door to the bathroom wasn’t completely shut and he had been there all these while starring at her have a shower.

When she tried talking to him about it and asking him to give her more time, all he did was sing Maria Maria Maria. This really got her upset, and according to her he is not her man to see her n@ked and she has no plans of letting anyone in Biggies house see her n@ked.

I really didn’t see this coming and i believe it would nice for us to hear Yerins part of the story before drawing a conclusion. Let me know what you think about this in the comment section below.

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