The Angel and Sammie ship is definitely headed nowhere, as the ship has been sighted sinking in the blue sea of confusion.

Prior to last night we had seen Angel discussing with Beatrice and letting her know her thoughts about Sammie and we also have seen Sammie declaring that it is Peace that he wants to some housemates.

After the Party last night, Angel took Yousef to her room and made him lay on her bed, the she laid on him and began playing with his hair. When Sammie came into the room, Angel didn’t budge, then Sammie left to the lounge and declared to the housemates he met at the dinning table that Peace is the one he wants and not Angel.

Later Sammie went back the room, trying to sleep but couldn’t, was very restless, tossing on his bed, and right before him was Angel and Jackie B sitting on Yousef. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE FULL GIST!!!

This is the height of disrespect from Angel, i am also aware that Sammie have been saying he wants Peace to the other housemates, but i think Angel went overboard with this one. What do you think? Please share with me in the comment section below.

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