Père Complaining To Saga About Maria After They Shared A K!ss

Père was complaining to saga last night that she doesn’t understand why Maria was denying that they kissed, were do you think Maria and père ship is heading at the moment?

After the Saturday night Party, Pere and Maria appeared to be drunk and when they got into the Lounge, they both shared a k!ss in front of the housemates, then they moved to their room.

Later that night while Pere was at the dinning table, Nini, Jackie B and Tega told him about the k!ss but he denied remembering anything that happened, according to him they were drunk.

After last night fake eviction pere since have been having doubts over Maria true intentions for him.

Indeed Maria’s intention towards Pere is quite unclear as she keeps going off and on with him. What do you think Maria is up to with Pere? Share with in the comment section.

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