Liquorose as the head of house decided to address the housemates on their behavior towards her as HOH. According to her, the have been very direspectful and no one obeys her instructions nor listen to her.

During her brief she called out some names of the housemates including her deputy Saga and her friend Maria, for ignoring her keep quiet instruction at the arena yesterday.

She went on to address the disrespect she got from Angel on different occasions. She said Angel disrespectful when she asked her to stop lying down in the arena but she ignored her and also when she called her out for Biggies brief and she took long to come to the lounge.

On hearing these allegations by Liquorose, Angel decided to speak but Liquorose shut her up saying ‘don’t talk when i am talking’.

Hmmm, are we about to see another military regime from Liquorose and is that the best way to handle the housemates? Just thinking out loud.

The housemates are very opinionated and everyone wants to he heard at the same time which results to not listening to anyone and disrespect. What is the best approach to rule as HOH? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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