The guys were having a conversation at the dinning table when Yousef asked Michael about the status quo of his situationship with Jacki B. According to Michael, he does like the lady, although she is not the only one he is feeling the house but she is the top in the list.

He understands that a lot of ladies like him and he spends more time with Jakie B, they talk about it and he knows that she likes him a lot but she was hiding it.

Currently, she is cool with him, more cool with him and they are now more comfortable because she now has a better understanding of his character. He said It’s been four weeks and he is consistently in being the same person is making her get more comfortable and she is no longer tensed about the fact that some girls are attracted to him.

He then said he was thinking about the life outside the house and he doesn’t think they might be compatible out there because of his life style. He added that she would have sleepless night with the way he lives his life, he likes his space, he is that type of a person that might just get up and travel to France without letting her know but not with the intention to hurt her he understand that it is not ideal in a relationship.

He also mentioned that her family values are different in comparison to his, she has unconfirmed situation outside the house, she has a kid and his father is alive. He said he is not looking for anything serious in the next 3-6 years, but Jackie B does want a her family as soon as possible.

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On Individual to individual lever he said they are very compatible, however her other things don’t match with his other things, so he decided to enjoy the moment in the house and when they leave they will see how it goes.

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