In a conversation between Saga and Nini in the HOH lounge last night, Sage told Nini that the first thing he noticed about Maria is that she is not smart. This statement was made when Nini told him that there is always something you notice about someone your chatting with the very first time.

He said for Nini, he noticed that she was smart and Arin he noticed her rings and for Maria he noticed that she isn’t smart. They went talking about some guys in the house and Saga was trying to make Nini understand that she isn’t happy with her association with Cross.

He also stated that Nini used the exact same words in complementing his eyes when they first met to also complement that of Cross as well. He also complained that she is giving Cross the same energy which he not happy about.

These two are yet to define the type of situation-ship they are both into, although Nini has made it clear to Saga that the only thing she can offer is friendship and nothing more, however Saga doesn’t seem to get it. Do you think Nini is leading Saga on with her actions?

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