Tega’s husband is not having it anymore with the s*xual escapades between his wife and Boma and has challenged Boma’s instagram handler to a fight.

In a close up task the housemate had yesterday, during their presentation Boma and Tega shared another k!ss and Boma’s handler posted the video on Boma’s Instagram page. Tega’s husband went to the comment section of the post to challenge the handler to a f!ght.

screen shot of his comment below!

This has gone beyond family embarrassment, is nation wide and spreading across Africa. In a way the husband believes that Tega is doing all that just to get back at him and spite him, does that even make any sense?

From his stories and write ups i understand that he has cheated on her before and probably that might have made her zeroed her mind from the marriage. Do you think the way they are handling this delicate issue is the best way for them to go about it? Please share your thoughts with in the comment section below.

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