#Bbnaija: How The Viewers Voted And Boma got 0.9%

As usual Multichoice displays the graph showing how the votes were casted for the bottom 6 housemates.

During the live eviction show, we witnessed four housemates being evicted from the house and also how the current housemate reacted towards that.

Prior to today Boma has been able to make the housemates believe that he is a very strong contender and in addition to that he believed that his Okro strategy was was working for him.

Looking at the result of the vote it is very clear that is has less support from the viewers out there and this just could be as a result of his escapades with Tega in the house.

Recall when Boma had an altercation with Angel he did mention that he was the one that saved Angel from leaving the show due to the response he gave to Biggie. The point of my write is this ‘Pride goes before a fall’, Boma messed up his game with pride, being trashy to the ladies in the house and also with his involvement with Tega.

This is just might own observation and it just might not be the reason he has less supporters. Please share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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