“She Needs A Man Who’s More Mature Someone Who Isn’t Insecure About Her Success Being Loud”- Fans Drag Emmanuel

The Drag continues and the fan base war never ends, this time it haS to do with the Emmarose couple. This is a very controversial relationship, these controversies are caused by fans and supporters.

There is a popular opinion of Emmanuel not being into Liquorose and he is just using her for clout, that is what some people are saying. In addition to that some people believe she is too big for him and she is above his League.

Below is a back and forth twitter conversation amongst some fans that are for and against the Emmarose ship.

@!Lizzy Zainab

Initially I was thinking Emmanuel is for Keep, a man Rose can date & build life with but lately, seeing some things and reactions from this guy, I think Rose should just date him & move. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t really a bad guy but Rose can do better.

She needs a man who’s more mature someone who isn’t insecure about her success being loud dn his. Someone who knew it is OK for people to say I am lucky to have ds person not cos dt person mks u successful but complement u well as partner. Rose nds someone who is not seeing her

success is overshadowing my own brand or success. Rose nds that &.more. I am sure Rose we watched & saw in bbn is smart to have observed ds too. Not all relationships leads to.marriage, Rose should just date & move, they will both do well in future. Rose is gold & high up there.

@Love swen


And which success does she have that someone is insecure about you guys are mad here.

Only a fool will sit and allow people attach his success to people they just met. Which lucky? Ur rose is never happy for someone but always fake smile. You saw that from the house how Emmanuel was always happy whenever she win. My boy ain’t in competition with nobody

Does she have success that is overshadowing his own or did I miss something

because the last time I check my boy is the big man here

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