Maria Chike Unleash the An*mal in her in A Recent Video Post- It’s The Double Standard For Me (video)

Whoever thought Maria would be so revealing when it comes to her outfit? Just here wondering what changed, the Maria we saw in the house had too much moral standard that lead her sl*t shaming Angel.

After she left the house, we have seen her on different occasion doing what she castigated Angel for. In a recent video she released and tagged “Only @luciousvirginhair brings out the ‘animal’ in me 😉” her outfit was so revealing.

So you know there is nothing wrong with her outfit, but she spoke against Angel for her dressing and behavior in the house.

Why Judge Angel and end up doing almost the same things she did in the house after the show? Guys this is just my thought, Let me know what you think about this in the comment section below.


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