“This time last year I was going through a life-threatening situation” Actress Mercy Aigbe Rolls On The Floor

 Mercy Aigbe, Nollywood actress, took sometime out to thank and appreciate God for all he has done for her, especially for answering her prayers and coming through for her in difficult times.

She shared on her Instagram a video where she was rolling on the floor in a church, revealing that she was going through a life-threatening situation at this time last year.

In her testimony, she mentioned that there were nights she cried endlessly, questioning God why she was passing through such a challenge, but she never stopped praising God and praying fervently during her trial.

Her words:

By this time last year I was going through a very huge challenge! A life threatening situation….. I cried endlessly, I questioned God, and kept asking why me?????

I was devastated, but one thing I didn’t do is give up my hope in God!!!! I kept reaffirming to myself that, I am OMOMAJEMU ( Child of Covenant) … In the midst of my trials I never stopped praising God! I prayed fervently, I fasted and kept giving alms!!!! ….. I kept my hope alive and trusted in him, who Is more than able to do all things even beyond our expectations!

I remember one night, in those my sad moments I talked to God, I said “Father, if I triumph over this situation, if you give me a testimony over this situation I will roll in front of the altar, I will post on my social media pages! Just to let the whole world know that you are a gracious and merciful God!”

That night I made a convent with my God! Agbanilagbatan, Erujeje tin mi igbo kijikiji, the covenant keeping God himself! The one who says Yes and it is YES!!!

I remained steadfast in my prayers and to God be the glory, I triumphed! He gave me a testimony!!!!!

The way God answered me is another story for another day! He moved in his might!!!!! Moved in all his Glory!!!! God proved himself! Infact it was a HUGE testimony! And this is me fulfilling my own part of my covenant!!!!

I am one who believes that whether you are a Moslem or a Christian, we serve one God and God is God!!! So if you are moslem help me shout Alhamdulillah, if you are a Christian please help me shout Halleluyah!!!!!!

Special thanks to my Man for standing firmly with me all tru! My Aunty, My Sister, My Mom and my besties!

This is me saying Abba Father thank you for always showing up for me! This is me saying you should help me say a very big thank you to God !!!!!

This is me saying what GOD Cannot do Doesn’t Exist!!!!!! This is me in his presence saying there is non like JEHOVAH !!!!!!!!

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