Meet The Big Brother Mzansi 3 Housemates #BBMzansi

The season of BBMZANSI just started with 18 housemates competing to take home the grand price of R2 million. This years show is exclusively to DStv from 23 January 2022 at 18:00 – Mzansi Magic Channel 161. The housemates have already been introduced into the house and i will give you a brief introduction on the housemates.

Ukho Samela also known as Sis Tamara

A 25 years old male and and also a final year Film and Television student that studied Psychology. He said he is good at understanding the complexity human behaviour and looking forward to reading the other housemates.


The 29 years old female describes herself as “loud and proud” and is confident that she can transform people’s moods and lift spirits when in her space. Check out her video to find out more on whether this would perhaps help her persuade the Housemates to keep her around long enough.


The 28 is Bubbly and energetic. She is excited to bring her energy to Big Brother Season 3! Thato says she is bluntly honest and is comfortable to speak her truth, will Biggie take it?


Having given up a corporate job, the 31 years old male has decided to pursue his artistic aspirations, and – for an extra bit of spice – enter the Big Brother House. Talk about all or nothing!


From ekasi to the upmarket surburbs, Thando prides herself in being a person who is relatable. Let’s see if Biggie can put her to the test with her free spirit – is this a risk? Let’s find out.


Meet the vibrant 28-year-old Mvelo Ntuli, he’s a bit of a daredevil and enjoys trying new things. Mvelo is marketing graduate with an infectious sense of humor. He’s bubbly and candid.

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Yoli (30 YRS)

There’s no better way to get people on your side than being naturally outgoing. Yolanda’s fun and bubbly personality allows her to gain access to different people, which will be coming handy in Biggie’s House!

Gashwan Brandon Mthombeni aka Gash1

With such a unique spelling of his name, Gash1 is sure to bring a creative flair into Biggie’s House. If he wins, he wants to use the prize money to start up a business.


He’s a shy Virgo with a passion for soulful African Music and artistic tattoos. Will he get to put his talent on the world map as he wishes? Welcome Themba to the most exciting House in South Africa!

Mphowabadimo (27YRS)

Mother, sangoma and – now – Big Brother Housemate Mphowabadimo warns that she has “zero tolerance” for nonsense. We can’t wait to see how that plays out in the House

Libo (32YRS)

Libo – who describes himself as a “loner” – has his work cut out for him in the over-crowded Big Brother House. He loves the outdoors (which is going to be rare for the next few weeks), and says that people are his weakness. Respect for getting himself out of his comfort zone!

QV (23YRS)

he self-described tomboy joins the House, and promises not to keep her annoyance to herself. Look out, Housemates – QV is a straight-taking sharpshooter!

Venus (25YRS)

This Durban native’s many artistic talents can impress just about anyone. Will they help her woo the Housemates and win the vibe in the house?

Tulz (28YRS)

Meet Housemate Tulani, who prides himself on his rare ability to use his mellow voice to endear himself, while never failing to drop the brutal truth with a chilled sense of honesty. It’s a killer combination!

Adindu Asuzu aka Zino (21YRS)

Zino, who is the youngest of all the Housemates, is not shy at being called a “mummy’s boy”. Let’s see how he copes being away from her and under Biggie’s watchful eye.

Nale (27YRS)

Meet actor and model Nale – she says she’s an acquired taste but hopes she grows on on people, “just like fine wine”

Norman (24YRS)

This athletic gentleman says he’s a good listener and a hopeless romantic. He describes himself as a calm and warm person with an adaptable personality.

Terry (26YRS)

Terry admits to having a huge personality while appreciating honesty. We’re sure her frank nature will lead to some hearts breaking in the House or maybe even Biggie’s heart. Yes, the truth can hurt.

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