“Stop it, I don’t appreciate it” – Erica Nlewedim lashes at Kiddrica shippers who send gifts to her mother in order to get information

The popular reality star and actress, Erica Nlewedim, warns Kiddricca shippers who  gifted her directly through her mother for the sole purpose to get  private information.

tShe made this known in a tweet where she spoke about some frenemy fans boycotting  her personal assistant and reach out to her mother directly.

According to Erica, their motive was  to get friendly with her mother and subtly seek answers about her private life.

Her tweet:

“I think it’s very weird that some fans have decided to start talking to my mother and using gifts as an excuse to get information. Gifts used to be sent to my Pa, all of a sudden my mum is the one you want to send to why??? And it’s not Elites it’s the frenemy fan base. Stop it! Kiddrica fan base to be precise, stop it! I don’t appreciate it in anyway. she wrote.


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