Liquorose celebrated her birthday yesterday, shockingly Emmanuel was no where to be found. Few days back, a report about the breakup between Liquorose and Emmanuel was making rounds, but the duo never said anything about it.

On Liquorose’s birthday, fans were surprised when Emmanuel entirely ignored the her, and didn’t post anything about her on his Instagram.

EmmaRose shippers contacted a vendor to deliver a birthday surprise to Liquorose on her birthday, claiming it was from Emmanuel.The vendor shared the surprise gifts, including a cake, balloons and bouquet, on her Instagram page and tagged Liquorose and Emmanuel on the post.

However, a few hours after they unintentionally exposed the real person who bought the gifts on Twitter and lied it was Emmanuel, the vendor changed the post’s caption.

The sudden change of caption caused a stir online, with fans claiming that Emmanuel might have contacted the vendor to remove his name from the post.


her_execelency_ wrote:

I’m sure Emmanuel told them to remove his name from that nonsense and warned them never to try that shit again

anndoveb wrote:

They posted it yesterday and changed the caption today cos they tagged the wrong person….Its not from Emma as claimed by some apple…

chloe_somma_ wrote:

I said it there’s noting all this Delusional shippers will not do, this is so embarrassing

queengold727 wrote:

Emmanuel still never wished her Happy birthday

toyin_imani wrote:

This shippers ehn. So they bought that cake and told the vendor to say it’s from Emma. I’m sure Emma told the the vendor to remove his name. Why are these shippers so desperate to force people together? Do they not have a life

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francisca_harry wrote:

Na wa o so Emmanuel has really moved on from liquor. All these people that go to big brother and deceive people about loving fellow house mate. Make una dey fear God small please, after toiling with fans emotions you guys will just come outside and turn to someone else entirely

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