Bbnaija Adekunle wins head of house game challenge for week 3

The level one housemate are not joking when it comes to the head of house game challenge, they have won the head of house game challenge three times in a roll.

Today’s head of house game challenge was all about using a bead to make a necklace , Biggie provided them with a necklace picture and some colourful beads.

The housemates were required to look at the picture, remember what and how do beats we are arranged according to the colours, pick up the beads and  move on to the table at opposite end and try to make a  replicate the exact bead images.

While they were at it, some of the housemate got disqualified likes of sheggz and Modella.  At  the end of it only three housemates made it to the finals. Khalid, Pharsavi and Adekunle were are the finalists in today’s head of house game challenge.

In the final stage, the housemate were required to throw ball into some cone looking containers with different colours. Adekunle had 25 balls, Khalid 23 balls and Pharsavi 23 balls.  Adekunle emerged the winner of today’s head of house game challenge. Watch the video below.




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