BBTitans Khosi Expresses Her Feelings For Yemi Craigx

Just two days after BBTitans premiered, Khosi the first inhabitant of the glamorous home expressed her emotions for Nigerian colleague, Yemi Craigx.

Early on Day 2, Khosi and Yemi Craigx had a passionate talk in which they discussed their relationship.

The first two roommates of the season, the two got along right away when they moved in.

Their closeness, however, seems to be an issue for Khosi, who expressed concern about people’s perceptions.

Yemi agreed, saying he feels he has to play it safe with her because she is in a relationship and wants to be mindful of how people will perceive her.

Khosi agreed with him and decided they both had to end whatever it was that was going on between them. 

However, the two were later spotted sharing a bed in the early hours of the day.

While they were not-quite-slumbering, Yemi Craigx’s hands were going through her contortions in an effort to be on Khosi’s body. Khosi – feeling the vibe – asked Yemi Craigx if he wanted a kiss and went on to express that she wasn’t looking for a husband but just gravitated towards him. Yemi Craigx denied wanting to kiss her, but his hands seemed to tell a different story.

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