Bigbrother Titans Yemi Shoots His Shot At Ipeleng And Blue Aiva On Same Day (Video)

Bigbrother Titans housemate, Yemi Cregx has shoots his shot at two colleagues, Ipeleng  and Blue Aiva on the same day.

Yemi, who recently ended his relationship with Khosi, makes advances toward other women living there.

He admitted to having feelings for Ipeleng when she questioned him about it during their conversation.

Ipeleng – Do You Have Someone You Have Eyes On In This House

Yemi – Yes, You.

Ipeleng – smiles You’re Just Saying That Because I’m Here

Yemi – smiles So What Do You Think?

Yemi –Do You Have Interest In Anyone
Ipeleng – I Won’t Tell You

Y – But I Told You Mine, I Said You

I – On Sunday During The The Intro, We Were Looking At Eachother, You Kept Looking At Me

Y – Yes

I – I Waited For You, I Thought We’d Have A Conversation That Night

Y – Same Here

Watch the video below:

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