#Big brother titans: Serious gbasgbos, I will [email protected] you and leave this house, Olivia tells Sandra

The Big brother titans house was in disarray today after be had the big brother titans housemates. After the big brother titans housemates left the arena, big brother titans Sandra and Olivia got into a heated argument that almost led to a fight.

Here is the reason behind the fight, according to Sandra she had told big brother titans Olivia not to come laugh close to her because she is pissed with the fact that she got paired with someone as her friend.

To Olivia, why would Sandra tell her when and where to laugh, that simple conversation went up to 100% within split seconds. They both turned the Big Brother titans Mansion into it chaotic environment.

In big brother titans Olivia’s words, ” I will be@t up Sandra and leave the house”. She kept on using curse words on Sandra and Sandra in return was cursing her out.

The rest of the big brother titans housemates were trying to stop a fight from breaking out but these two were not listening to any of the big brother titans housemates.


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