Big brother titans:”Yemi Speaks,I Have Realized My Mistake…. We Can Start From Good Morning And We Built From There” – He Apologize For D!srespecting Khosi (Video)

Yemi, Big brother Titans housemate want his first love interest, Khosi back and apologized for embarrassing and disrespecting her with his flirting lifestyle.

This came hours after Yemi who had had shared kiss with Khosi on two different occasion Kissed Blue Aiva last night (there first kiss).

Khosi felt like she was disrespected and embarrassed with his flirting lifestyle.

Their conversation….

Yemi: I know I’m a terr!bIe person but I didn’t want this to happen, The “Blue thing” started when we had a conversation and She started coming to sit next to me, it was a mutual thing that we wanted to talk. I realised it was a bit hard, It shouldn’t have gotten to that extent we did yesterday, I felt bad

Khosi: I didn’t see Blue coming to you, you were always going to her, I saw you like 5 times, going to her.

Yemi: I feel like, I wanted to have a conversation with you and tell you that, I’m sorry. I feel i disrespected you

Khosi: You embarrassed me. it’s not that I have problems with you and Blue but you could have waited for at least 3 days. You are he@rtIess and selfi$h

Yemi: I have realized my mistake, and I feel like we can build something, try again. We can start from “Good morning, how are you” and we build from there

Khosi: You said You have my back and I said I have your back as well and I take those things seriously. You only cared about how You felt at the moment, You didnt think to hold back even If you liked her. You can’t say You have the back of people and do them dirty, thats you playing mind games.


Watch the video below:

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