“What Is Mine Is Mine, You’ll Still Come Home To Me” – BBTitans Yemi Says When Blue Aiva Asked If He Feels Jealous Seeing Her With Someone (Video)

It’s not yet understood the kind of games Yemi is playing in the house, as he get viewers thinking whether is only flirting with all the girls around him or he want something serious from any of them.

In a chat yesterday with Blue Aiva, Yemi inquired to know if she feels jealous when he is with Khosi. Blue Aiva said she do but sometimes.

Blue Aiva threw him back the question, responding, Yemi said No, according to him, she will always come back to him so he has nothing to worry about.

Their conversation below:

Yemi – Do You Get Jealous, When I’m With {You Know Who}

Blue -Sometimes

Yemi – Your Expressions Is Hard To Read Sometimes, Its A Mystery

Blue – Do You Get Jealous When I’m with That One Person

Yemi -Who? Kanaga Jr? Mmeli?

Blue -Yes Him

Yemi -No,Cuz What Is Mine Is Mine,You’ll Still Come Home To Me

Blue Aiva – “I’ll Come To You, Where You Might Be, Just Leave The Door Open”

Watch the video below:

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