I Feel K!$$ing Is Disgusting And I Might Throw Up , Khosi Tells Miracle, After $uck!ng Yemi’s Lips Severally

Big brother titans house does have a lot of players in there and Khosi is definitely one of them. Khosi has been seen on several occasion making out with Yemi and having a deep kiss with him too.

Surprisingly yesterday while having a conversation with Miracle on kissing, She told him she finds kissing disgusting.

See chat bellow!

Miracle -Why Dont You Like Kissing

Khosi -I Feel Its Disgusting

M- Eww Are You Like Spitting In The Mouth

K- I Can Do Lip Pecks Not Tongue Kissing, I Might Throw Up

M -There’s A Way You’ll Do It &Like It

K -I Know But He’ll Feel It That I’m Uncomfortable But I’m Trying

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