Reality tv: Bbtitans Khosi tells Yemi,”You need to stop fl!rt!ng with bbtitans Blue Aiva, you would lose me” Khosi speaks

Reality Tv star Khosi and Yemi have gotten their viewers very confused and wondering what they are currently up to with regards to their relationship.

Reality tv star Khosi was seen having a good moment with Yemi last night.

This morning they were both having a conversation in lounge about their relationship and the other lady in the picture, Blue Aiva.

See chat below!

Khosi: It was a nice cuddle, I’m not gonna lie

Yemi: Ofcos it was, i enjoyed it. But you left as usual?

K: Yes, just in time b4 people started walking in

Y: So are we supposed to sneaking around?

K: Isn’t it better? That way people don’t know what’s up

KHOSI: U need to stop flirting with Blue Aiva

YEMI: It makes sense but like, she’s my friend as well…

K: That’s where you lose me Y: But she talks to me like she talks to everyone else

K: I don’t care. I need you to not flirt. I know it’s hard bc I’m also a flirt

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