#Big brother titans: “Am Gonna Take You Away From Your Girlfriend” – BBTitans Blue Aiva Tells Marvin (Video)

With little or no effort, no vibes forced, the Bigbrother Titans housemate are given its viewer the content that is always expected from stars of the reality TV show.

If names of housemate that vibes the house should be mention, big brother titans Blue Aiva and Marvin would not be left out.


Even though big brother titans Marvin told Blue Aiva earlier today that he has a girlfriend, want to stay single in the house for her and also stated that he know she is watching and missing him. That didn’t stop him and big brother titans Blue Aiva building a kinder naughty friendship circle.

There conversation below:

Marvin – Its Quite Easy To Connect With You
Blue -Really

M – You’re A Baby,You’re A Cute Lil Baby
You Havent Met Someone To Make YouFeel Like One
B – laughs I’m A Softie

M- Do You Think I’m Easy To Connect With
B- Yes,I Thought You Were Just A Funny Guy,Until Yesterday

Marvin – Is Your Boyfriend Nigerian
Blue – I Left Him At Home,So Now I’mSingle
M – You Know The Vibes Haha

B – I’m Not Like You,You Have A Girlfriend
M – Naa I’m Here Now,I’mSingle

B – And I’m Gonna Take You Away From Her
M – Mmm I’m Not Complaining,Its Gonna Be A Hustle Tho

Watch the video below:


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