“I Don’t Go After Men, They Come To Me”- BBTitans Blue Aiva Brags As Khosi Worries Over Yemi’s Flirtatious Nature, Even Calls For Meeting (VIDEO)


Blue Aiva, a housemate on bbtitans, has bragged about how attractive she is and how men pursue her without her even looking.

Yemi flirted with both of his co-housemates, Khosi and Blue Aiva, during the housemates’ pool party a short while ago. Khosi became concerned about this and even asked for a meeting between herself, Yemi and Blue Aiva.


Blue, however, objected to the meeting, stating that she didn’t want to be involved in a romantic setting. She also boasted about how attractive she is and how guys are drawn to her.

Watch the video below:

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