“Is Your Mom A Reserved Person?” – BBTitans Tsatsii Asks Kanaga When Showing Her His Family Pictures (Video)

They say love is a beautiful thing and from all indications, Bigbrother Titans housemates, Kanaga and Tsatsii have found the Beauty of love.

Even though the two play siblings for viewers in the house but it’s very obvious their love for each other is always Leveling up.


Yesterday night, bbtitans Kanaga decided to show Tsatsii some of his family pictures he brought to the house.

He gave her brief narrative of the event surrounding the day that the pictures were snap as she look through the pictures.

Bbtitans Tsatsii inquired for some details as she take a look at the pictures, one of which was if Kanaga mom was a reserved person. Bbtitans Kanaga told her YES and she went on to compliment his mom’s Beauty while she jokingly tease him when he said he is beautiful as his mom.

The chemistry between the two, their level of maturity and love is something beautiful to watch as their interesting conversation got social media attention.

One @scargirl___ Commented;
“It’s the matching outfits for me ❤❤.. The only people that give me peace of mind💯.. Mature conversations only..”

__joanna wrote;
“My ship 😍😍❤❤”.

One winn3338 Commented;
“We don’t talk abt tsatsiis beauty enough😍gal is naturally beautiful❤”.

Watch the video below:


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