“Beautiful N0nsense…. Can’t Wait For Valentine..” – Reactions As BBTitans Juicy Jay Says “Chineke” After Passionate K!$$ With Yvonne (Video)

Bbtitans housemates, Juicy Jay and his Nigerian love interest, Yvonne have officially seal their ship with k!$$es on different occasions.

The two have again shared a passionate k!$$ last night.

After the k!$$, bbtitans Juicy Jay who is from South Africa was heard saying “Chineke” a term for God in Igbo part of Nigeria.


Watch the video below:


This has triggered a lot of reactions from netizens, some reactions seen were;

crissy_unusual wrote;
“Omo… 🔥🔥🔥😍 Cant wait for Valentines 🥺”.

sir.cleef wrote;
“That chineke sounded very igbotic 😂😂”.

ngozi_omezi wrote;
“D kiss hit j spot he just had to shout 😂chineke,I like juicy 😂he cracks me up 😂😂”.

nikita_simbella wrote;
“Is it only me or do they look a bit alike ☺”.

therubyredridinghood wrote;
“😂😂😂😂make South Africans dash us Juicy abeg i too love d boy”.

bola_unusual wrote;
“Omo this k!$$ turned me on oo.. like d slow movement of it and so on 😂😂😂”.

obadaelizabeth wrote;
“My ship is sailing😍😂”.

judith_bada_ wrote;
“Two of them are really good at k!$$ing 😂”.

nice_onlinestores wrote;
“I love this ship😍”.

golden_retrievers.daily wrote;
“This k!$$ing get PhD”.

anabeauty_haven wrote;
Juicy Jay is in love Chineke🙆😂😂”.

__effia wrote;
“They like each other 😍”.

just___treasure wrote;
“I love them 😍😍”.

samawati_blue wrote;
“Beautiful nonsense. 😍😍😂😂😂. That k!$$ was epic”.

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