“I’m Happy Marvin, Yaya Expressed Disappointment… Want To See How Strong The MaYa Pair Is” – BBTitans Kanaga Jnr Speaks On Why They Save Yemi And Nelisa Pair With Marvin And Yaya Pair (Video)

Bbtitans Kanaga Jr. and Blue Aiva, the current Heads of House for the BBTitans, have spoken out about the effects of using their veto authority during the third-week nomination process.

On Day 16, Kanaga Jr. said he was happy that Marvin and Yaya had expressed their disappointment during the pair’s diary session.


He said; “I am happy that Marvin and Yaya expressed their disappointment. I mean a lot of people will talk behind you but they decided to approach me and we discussed it when they expressed their disappointment. It wasn’t done purposely, we just thought we should try it and see how strong the MaYa pair is. Again, we felt the Yelisa pair had been up for so many times and we decided to save them.”

Kanaga Jr added@ “We had discussed several permutations before we won the Heads of House challenge but when the nomination happened, we just had to go with something and we also wanted to check how strong MaYa are.”

The bbtitans KanaIva pair had saved Yelisa from nomination and replaced the pair with the MaYa pair on Monday night – a move that got Marvin wondering what went wrong but resigned to fate that it’s a game after all and now he knows his friends better.

Watch the video below:


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