Mavin Has Discussed Me With Everyone That Cares To Listen, Ly!ng About Why I Put Him Up For Eviction” – BBTitans Kanaga Tells Blue Aiva In Tears (Video)

BBTitans Kanaga Jnr has cried out his eyes as his colleague, Marvin keep discussing him with colleagues about why he nominated him for possible eviction.

It would be recalled that the housemates nominated each other on Sunday for possible eviction. On Monday, the HOH game held and Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva emerged winners. Kanaga who was immune of been evicted after winning the HOH saved YeLisa (Yemi And Nelisa Pair) from being evicted and veto swap with MaYa (Marvin And Yaya pair).

Bbtitans Marvin who is friend to Kanaga shows how shocked and painful he feels for Kanaga to swap his pair with YeLisa. Though, Kanaga said to Biggie that it didn’t come from a place of hate but he only wanted to see how strong their pair is.

Marvin, discussed the veto swap with his partner, Yaya and other housemates which Kanaga jnr over heard them.

Kanaga told Blue Aiva amidst tears how Marvin misunderstood his intention and kept telling lies about why Kanaga used his pair to save Yemi and Nelisa.

Some part of the conversation below:

Bbtitans Kanaga- Mavin has discussed me with everyone that cares to listen in the house , he kept giving them wrong reasons for the nomination despite having conversation with him already and I cleared things with him. He tells everyone that it’s because of Tsatsii and now he make me the bad person now .

I met them in the closet discussing me, I stayed back. I have no f*cking body to be scared of. If you have a problem with me , address it.

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When I eventually got to where they were talking about me, they all kept quiet.

He has been discussing me and lying about why I put him up.

Watch the video below:

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