Big brother titans: Sunday live eviction, housemates gets evicted today; bbtitans Sunday show

It is another Sunday live eviction in big brother titans house and the eviction jitters is catching up with some housemates as usual. This week, 5 pairs were put up for possible eviction this Sunday which includes; Blaqleng, Thabana, Khosicle, Jaykay and Maya. Ebuka had a little chat with the housemates, he started with Blue Aiva.

Ebuka to Blue Aiva:

I would have asked you why you saved Yemi but i would l leave that for some other time. You had a lot to say about Nelisa.

Big brother titans Blue Aiva: I thinks she is an instagator and i have said this to her before, we had a conversation with her on it too. I don’t like people like that even outside the house.

Ebuka to Lukay: Your level of Confidence this week is high, would you be surprised if Ipeleng also nominated you? He replied saying no, it is a game, what is meant to be would be and anything is possible.

Ebuka to Marvin: Why did it hurt you so much that Kanaga put you up and why did you keep talking about it. You have known him for just 2 weeks. Marvin replied saying that it was about building connection in the house.

Ebuka to big brother titans Kanaga: You made a statement about not caring about friendships in the house and why did you put up Marvin. He said he put up Marvin for a personal reasons which he isn’t ready to share at the moment.

Lawrence came to break the bad news, Jaykay got evicted. It is the end of the road for Jaypee and Lukay.

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