“Stop Sleeping Too Much At Night, Wake Up At Midnight And Wander Around You Will See Things My Mouth Can Not Talk” – Bigbrother Titans Housemate, Thabang Tells Khosi (Video)

Thabang, Big Brother Titian housemate, has advised Khosi to stop sleeping so much at night so that she can observe what his lips cannot say.

Thabang said this to Khosi during their conversation last night in the garden.

It was quite obvious that Thabang was speaking of Yemi and Blue Aiva, however, no names were mentioned. Khosi, on the other hand, was oblivious as she kept wondering what he spoke about.

She should stop sleeping so much at night, he said, adding that he is not a snitch and cannot reveal anything to her.

Their conversation below read:

Thabang: Stop sleeping too much at night, Wake up midnight and wander around.. You will see things.

Khosi: Thabang, do you know something that I don’t know??

Thabang: Yes I see a lot of things but I will never tell you anything, I’m not a sn!tch… You will need to find out yourself. I repeat, Stop sleeping too much at night.

Watch the video below:


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