Bbtitans: Thabang, Blacqboi and Justin evicted, Khosi lonely without a man

The bbtitans Sunday live eviction show was an interesting one, currently we have top 6 housemates. When the show started, Justin was the first housemate to be evicted.

Justin on stage

How are you feeling at the moment?
I am fine and I am extremely proud of how far I got on the show
You looked chilled and Zen mode, what was the strategy?
I was just being myself no strategy

He was asked why he didn’t eat other people’s food
He said he loves cooking and yes he fairly ate people’s food

Ebuka got into the house
Black boi got evicted

Black on stage
He was dramatic on stage, he jumped and danced.

Why are you people so happy leaving the house?
I feel like we are happy to see people
I think fate have it for me to leave at this point
What to do you have to say about your square in the house?
KHOSI is a good friend
Nana is a good friend
For blue we were getting to know each other

Black boi gave his glasses, bracelet and watch to the crowd during the break Ebuka told us after the ads

Will you be pursuing blue?
We are open to seeing how things go outside the house, we had the discussion
For sentimental reasons I am rooting for Khosi and Kananga
What are the sentiments
For Khosi I love her ideas
For Kanaga he is my boy

Thabang has been evicted
On Stage
What was your strategy?
I did have a strategy
I knew being myself would take me far
Everything that happened in the game happened organically
Olivia came at the beginning of the season and it was too soon in my opinion
NELISA was a complicated situation having seen what happened

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Explain you and Khosi
KHOSI and I is a complicated one
We started off as friends and we enjoy each other’s company
The speculations about us going around the house made us start dating

Now we are good, we will see what happens when she leaves based on the conversations we had

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