Written and directed by Lee Chung-hyun, features Jeon Jong-seo and Park Yu-rim.

Ballerina Netflix movie is centered around security personnel ( Ok-ju) and depicts her lifestyle as a security personnel. Ok-ju works as a security person who protects VIPs and her work makes her travel abroad too.

She is a loner and has no friends or social life, much wasn’t said about her family. She is highly skilled in karat fighting and the use of weapons. She meets her high schoolmate Ballerina (Min-hee) in a cake shop which leads to a close friendship relationship for both parties.

Ballerina takes her own life and leaves a note behind telling Ok-ju to avenge her death with website info pointing at the culprits. Ballerina took her life just to avoid facing the shame of having a sex tape released and to stop being used as a sex slave.

Choi is the man who made Ballerina take her own life. He is part of a drug and human trafficking cartel, and he goes the extra mile to make sex tapes with his victims and sells them for more money. This is a side business he runs by himself without the knowledge of the cartel boss.

Ok-ju took on the challenge to avenge the death of her friend, then she found out she had met Choi in the past and it was a bad experience for her too. Here is another reason for her to avenge the death of her friend.

She stalked and trailed Choi, made her way into his house, and carried out deeper research on him. When she realized it was a tough battle to fight, she reached out to the highly-end security agency she worked with for weapons, but that failed. She got the help she needed with the weapons by making a purchase from an old couple. It was a successful fight and she had the last laugh by roasting Choi at the end of it all.



Ballerina Netflix movie is easy to understand and the storyline is very clear and straight to the point. The flashbacks gave more context to the storyline and reinforced the depth of Ballerina’s friendship with Ok-ju.

The writer gave a second reason for Ok-ju to avenge the death of her friend when she realized Choi was someone she had a bad experience with in the past. I love the fact the writer gave stronger reasons for her to avenge the death of her friends and that made the movie more realistic and relatable in reality.

The scene in the horse stable with the cartel boss was awkward to me. How did Ok-ju kill their boss right in front of them without getting an immediate reaction or having them prevent that from happening with a fight? I didn’t quite understand the delayed reaction that happened in that scene.

I would recommend this movie, it was a good watch but you should know there are a couple of graphic and gruesome scenes with much blood. You can watch this movie on Netflix.

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