Kaisha was really upset about her mum being disrespected by Ka3na, she had explained to Ebuka what transpired at a boat cruise they had sometime in the past to led to the current situation.

After the long talk, Kaisha decided and told Ka3na and Lucy to stop talking about her mum and that the topic should be changed.

Lucy on the hand was trying to understand what she did wrong and how she disrespected Kaisha’s mum in the past because her name was mentioned in the mix.

In the process of trying to recall, she remembered that it might have something to do the fruit issue the had in the past.

On the verge of trying to get clarity about it, Kaisha warned her again to stop mentioning her mum and at that moment Lucy asked her if her mum was a fruit because she did not mention her mum but fruit.

That statement triggered Kaisha and she threw the pillow she was holding at Lucy and Lucy reacted by attacking her which resulted in a full blown fight.
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