Ka3na speaks about her friendship with Lucy, according to her she felt Lucy wasn’t committed and loyal in their their relationship. Ebuka tried to get the gist about their fall out and why she unfollowed Lucy, and he asked the both ladies what went wrong.

Ka3na’s side of the story

I don’t have a problem with you being friends with Nengi or any other of the housemate, Lucy you were not communicating with me, you were not committed and loyal in our relationship so i decided to unfollow you.

Ebuka still trying yo understand what Ka3na mean’t by loyalty and what that means to her asked for a further explanation.

Ka3na said Lucy had an interview where she was beefing Nengi and saying bad things about her, I and her manager had to cover up for her. I knew she had some much bad energy for Nengi, and Lucy made me understand that.

If at some point she decided to work things out with the Nengi and she could have actually spoken to me about it. The problem i have with Lucy is the loyalty, she should have told me that she settled things with Nengi rather than letting me find out on social media.

Lucy made me understand she didn’t want to make our friendship about social media but she went ahead and reconciled with Nengi on social media with out ever telling me about it and i found out myself. I knew genuinely how i felt about Lucy, it hasn’t changed and i still see her as a sister.

Lucy’s side of the story

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If Ka3na is saying she unfollowing me is not about me being friends with Nengi, so what is it about? We always spoke as friend sand I was in her house every other time.

She said commitment, are we married though? Ka3na was in Dubai with her husband at that time i got unfollowed and prior to that event we were chatting on Whatsapp and i can remember telling her husband was fine.

4am i woke up to pee and i get lots of messages and tags, and i am like what is happening with Ka3na, and i was told she unfollowed me. So i went to her page to confirm it and later asked her what was going on and she goes she expects Loyalty and commitment in friendship

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