The Moment Michael Destroyed Biggies Wall Last Night (Video)

Lats night Jaccuzi party was much fun as usual and the housemates had a good time. At some point during the party, Biggie decided to play the songs of some of the housemates that are musicians in the house.

Whitemoney’s song was played and the housemates hailed him and sang along and also Michael’s song also played and he got very emotional at that moment.

The housemate came around hailing him and at some point he walked away and them he started punching the wall in the house.

The continuous punch on the wall by him left a serious hole on the wall and later he was called into the dairy room by Biggie.

Recall that it was a Jacuzzi party and the housemates already drank alcohol, it just could be that he was a bit tipsy or getting emotional from his song being played triggered it. We are still not clear on the reason for his outburst.


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