JayPaul In Love With Saskay? He Promises To Make Her Happy (VIDEOS)

After the Friday Jacuzzi party last night, Jaypaul and Saskay were in the garden having a heart to heart conversation.

Jaypaul sounding very emotional tried to explain the kind of person he is to her and also spoke about how he has been trying to avoid letting his dark side out.

He spoke about how he can be when he is angry so he decided to choose peace over it all, and he laughs a lot to prevent his bad side from jumping out.

He said he rather sees her happy, Cook for her, M*ssage her, Rom*nce her, tell her all the sweetest thing in the world and allow her to tease him.

At some point he got very emotional and Saskay was seen consoling him and holding on to him tightly. It’s a bit confusing when it comes to this two, the other day Saskay was telling Cross that she is growing on Jaypaul.

Does that mean they are both having feeling for each other? Please let me know what you think about these two in the comment session below.


JayPaul in love with Saskay

Saskay console JayPaul

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