The Craziest Part About This 5 Years, My DAD was My Coursemate and Classmate- Jane Shares Her Story.

This is a story by Jane@ChiomaKJane

Jane recounts her experience having her dad as her classmate!

I remember the first time he told me he was going to be in my class! Omo i cried! It was bad enough i was studying so close to home then to have my actual dad with me.

Every time he was asked a Question he will first introduce me. It was as if the ground should open and swallow me.

Then i became the girl whose dad was in her class. This man would leave work and come to class everyday. If i’m a minute late, i’m in trouble.

He saw my results before me, he pays my fees first before his. So many stories to tell, or how he fell sick and couldn’t walk for days, or how he stood by me when i thought i’d be suspended from school.

God thank you for my daddy. This man is proud of me! And i am proud of him!

But this man gave me privileges, my house was 5 mins away from school and he taught me to drive and gave me my own car! He said I want my daughter to have what I had! God the drama!!!!!!!

E remain small he would have been slapping me. I must greet him every morning when I come to class. Mehnn!!!! I hear of people having their parents in their school with them but not the same class. And I did it for 5 years

I kept it in for 5 years!!!!! God I was so angry sometimes But this final moment made it worth it. You won’t see this but thank you Daddy. If you’re in my school you’d understand boys couldn’t even talk to me!!!!!!

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The man was a force to contend with! How did I even do it. The special treatment I got because of him. His presence gave me grace. Daddy and daughter are barristers!!!DADDY!

And should I mention that it’s a private uni for the fees were over the roof. Paying over 1m twice and I never owed a dime!!!!! I never lacked a thing. He never made me feel the pressure. God I have no words to thank you.

There’s so much to say!!! This is just the beginning.

Not everyone is privileged to have their parents in school with them or even get to sponsor their education. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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