Popular entrepreneur, and the former boss to Cubana chief priest ‘the celebrity bar man’ known as Obi Cubana, is currently having his mum’s funeral in his home town Oba in Anambara state, Nigeria.

Due to is status in the society and the entertainment industry, there has been an influx of Celebrities, the Elites and the rich for the funeral.

In a way to show support, his rich friends and colleagues have been showering him with a lot of gifts which includes cows, goats and rams. In an Instagram video his friend stated that has gotten over 300 cows so far as a gift.

This large amount of cows he got as a gift sparked a lot of reactions and got people talking. Dr. Penking on twitter also reacted. Let’s see what he has got to say!

I’ve seen many posts preaching the importance of being good because of the gifts Obi Cubana received at his mother’s burial but the fact is, he didn’t receive those gifts because he is good. He received them because HE IS RICH.

When you are rich,other rich people will want to network with you.They will want to enter your good books.

If a very good poor man celebrates an event today, he won’t receive even half a cow. Probably the only gifts he will get is 2k wrapped in a brown envelope and plastic spoons.Don’t allow anyone to confuse you. Being good didn’t get Obi Cubana those gifts, being rich did. Make money.

For those arguing that other rich people have had events and didn’t receive as much gifts as Obi Cubana, you lie. Other Rich people don’t flaunt their gifts, Obi Cubana only flaunted it because he is a socialite and seeks to use it to promote his club business.

Dr Penkings also shared a different scenario of a Southern Governor that got gifted a lot of cows too.

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Let me indulge you, early last year, one Governor in Southern Nigeria (name withheld) buried his father. He received over 5 truckloads of cows from just one ex- Northern governor. Did you hear about it? No. He is not a socialite like Obi Cubana so he didn’t paint it on media.

Hmm, this one is very loud i must say and please let me know what you think about the number of cows being used for the funeral in the comment section.

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