In addition to the strikes issued to some of the housemates, there were also warnings given to some of the Housemates on the subject of conflict resolution – Tega, Jackie B, Queen, Maria and Whitemoney were all told “to exercise caution” in how they handle conflict.

“Big Brother encourages a safe space where all Housemates may live and thrive. Arguments and disagreements are likely, but resolving you differences in a manner that buils understanding and respect is necessary.

” Biggie left the whole House with a warning – since they were all guilty of some infractions, the House would be punished as a whole.  The details will be waiting for them after their workout session tomorrow morning. 

From the look of things, i would want to believe that Biggie is indirectly addressing the fight that happened between Whitemoney and Pere.

If i can remember vividly Tega was part of the ladies that instigated the reaction from Whitemoney that night. What do you think about Biggies warning to the housemates? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.
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