Maria and peace were having a chat after what Happened last night, we saw Liquorose use her veto power to save Peace and replaced her with Cross. Maria told peace that this game is getting very tricky and people that you get along with easily can put you up for eviction.

It is now clear to the housemates it is all game and some of the housemates are trying to play the game how best they all understand it. Pere had always emphasized on the fact that Whitemoney was using kitchen monopoly to generate fans, and his decision to stop him form doing that led to him having a lot of enemies in the house, which has resulted to be being nominated by most Housemates.

Last week we saw Maria execute biggies hidden task perfectly well in addition to being a wild card, and this got her in the black books of the housemates. Now Liquorose is the HOH, do you think she might be in the black books of the housemates after her reign? and do you also think her putting cross up would set her up as a target next week? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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